Task Management System

Why Us

  • Assignment of task using hierarchy of user’s.
  • All user except normal user can assign task.
  • Admin has full control of employee and user management.
  • Director has full control to monitor or assign task to any user.
  • All user has the authority to accept or reject task assigned by any with remark.
  • All user has authority to reject or close task that are completed and pending for approval.
  • Hierarchy is maintained overall system to assign or view current status of tasks.
  • All tasks are separated according to status of task (e.g. Running, Pending for Approval, Rejected, Overdue and Closed).

Addtional Features

  • Mail and SMS facility available to each user (Auto).
  • Created task are mailed and messaged to assigned user.
  • On accepting task mail and SMS automatically sent to authorized user.
  • On rejecting task mail and SMS automatically sent to authorized user with rejection remark.
  • Comments from any user are mailed and messaged for each comment.
  • Remarks from each user are also mailed and messaged

Admin Right

  • Add employees for each dept.
  • Create HOD for all dept.
  • Create or update(Password) user for all HOD.
  • Create or update(Password) user for all normal user.
  • Assign task to any HOD
  • View task assigned by own to any
  • View Task Assigned By Super Admin To Any
  • View Task Assigned By Any HOD To Any
  • View Running, Completed, Overdue, Rejected Task of All HOD
  • View History of Closed and Approved Task of HOD
  • Can reject or reassign task if not satisfied.
  • Can comment assigned task by and to him.
  • Can see all comments history for particular task.
  • Can remark any task or multiple task at a time.

Benifit Admin

The benefits are almost endless because the software streamlines a person’s busy life and activities. The benefits are:

  • Offers collaboration with other team members
  • Saves time
  • Provides all the information in one location
  • Offers flexibility
  • Highly cost effective
  • Easy access
  • Easy organization of assigned tasks
  • Multiple tasks such as Planning, Scheduling & Tracking


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