Dedicated Developers

Our Dedicated Resource Model
The best way to extend your development capacity is to use dedicated resources from Blossom Infotech for your projects. At Blossom Infotech., we provide exceptional dedicated facilities with high flexibility, vast resources, talented professionals, and many advantages, including a faster time to market.

We always protect the intellectual property rights of our clients, so any work produced in by the dedicated developers always belongs to our client. Our dedicated developer model are inexpensive solutions For our clients who need ongoing support overseas, particularly over the long term. Our teams can be trained to meet your specific needs, and we can also adapt our quality controls and processes to align with your business practices. We can arrange payments on a retainer basis.

We have always been fully committed to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients, and the model of dedicated resources supports this business philosophy. Our experience has shown that clients benefit in all the following ways:
Management abilities
Improved risk management
Improved planning for resource use
Better, customized data collection and analysis
Knowledge building & skills development

Team member retention and motivation, primarily because individuals are attracted to the projects’ high level of technological sophistication
Training sessions, coaching opportunities, and knowledge management at the team level

Cost savingsIn essence, our dedicated developers become a natural extension of your core business. You stay in control, but you also receive all the benefits of offshore outsourcing. The workers embrace your corporate culture, and you control how their skills are allocated to your projects.